Los gatitos son muy curiosos y pueden meterse dentro de lavadoras, secadoras de ropa y heladeras, siempre verifica antes de cerrar la puerta.

Siempre tendrán su arenero con piedrecitas sanitarias. El gato necesita su arenero siempre en el mismo lugar, el cual deberá lavarse y poner piedrecitas limpias cada 4 días, así no olerá mal.

Hair Style

Use a metal comb teeth with rounded tips. Always comb in the direction of hair growth, the back, neck, armpits, legs, belly. Tail comb only when it comprises knots. Always comb from the hair root to the tip. The cats love to be combed for them is like a caress.

Ears care

Clean around the folds with cotton wool dampened with baby oil Jhonnson. Never profoundly, always clean what you see. Cats ears rarely dirty. If the cat has very black and thick discharge consult your veterinarian, they could be mites.

Eyes care

Daily, using a cotton swab dipped in warm water or saline warm, clean their eyes. If it is not cleaned daily, it will accumulate dirt and face will be stained if you do not clean it.

Nail care

Every 15 or 20 days with the help of pliers cut the nails of the front legs, back legs is not necessary.
Only it cuts the sharp tip of the nail, so we avoid scratching one eye puncture, or scratches the furniture in the house.
If we cut high up the kitten bleed.

The Bath

The ideal is bathe the cat every 25 days. Cats have a body temperature a grade an a half higher than us. Use tepid water to warm. Approximately 39 °, and use shampoo for cats and dogs. Never use shampoo only for dogs.
It is important to comb the cat well before rinsing. Wet it and put in the first dishwashing detergent, soaping using water, that will completely wet. Rinse it well and make 3 more soaped with shampoo for cats rinsing time.
Finally rinse well and when you think that’s it, start rinse again.

If the cat is bad rinsing, it is as greasy hair
Dry the cat using towel.
Before drying with a hairdryer, combing well so there are no knots. And using the comb and the hairdryer, dry it VERY WELL.
When you are finished give the cat a prize like cat pate or raw ground beef (previously frozen).
Be careful not to get shampoo into the eyes and ears of the cat