Previous considerations to the standard

It is important to understand that the standard of exotic and Persian cat is the same, and that this standard is applied in the majority of clubs, associations and federations, only for ratings of competitions and awards one cat is not just nose, tail, head, neck, among others, all those details added a grade according to the concepts that allow judges to reward or rule out to participants, is where these features increase the value of a cat

Value in the market

Should be noted that to date there is no serious worldwide organization that regulates the price of cats.
Now a Persian or Exotic Cat show quality could be between 700 € and 1000 € a Top Show between 1300 € and 2500 €, while one for company could be between 500 € and 700 €. One breeding could be between € 700 and € 1200, this will differ according to the type of blood.
We must also note that a standard is an appreciation that varies eventuallyformerly the Persians and exotic had long nose, flat nose extreme is by the appearance of a recessive mutant gene and then was taken as acceptance and was moving the old standard, so all a philosophical issue when the same standard has been evolving over time.

Company: It is called the kitten that usually comes sterilized or must be sterilized, not stop being attractive but does not qualify for breeding and show.

Breeding: It is called the kitten approximations can be or have a show quality kitten in suitable conditions for breeding and improving line.

Show: One kitten meets the conditions and standards to compete in events and are generally fertile.

Top Show: The specimen that show the best available in the standard features, we could say that is the best of the best, “a superior exemplary” are usually fertile.

We suggest studying the standard very carefully before buying a kitten

Sibaritas Cattery - Gatos Exóticos y Persas - Pilar de la Horadada
Sibaritas Cattery - Gatos Exóticos y Persas - Pilar de la Horadada
Sibaritas Cattery - Gatos Exóticos y Persas - Pilar de la Horadada
Sibaritas Cattery - Gatos Exóticos y Persas - Pilar de la Horadada

Exotic cat standard

HEAD: round and solid, well balanced, very broad skull.

The rounded front and the full cheeks.
The nose will be short, broad with defined stop but not snub nose.
The bridge of the nose will be wide. Nostrils well open, allowing free passage of air. Stop will be between the eyes, neither above the upper eyelid nor below the lower eyelid. The chin will be strong and wide and powerful jaws. The expression will be sweet, open

EARS: Small, with rounded tips. They will be located very wide apart and rather low on the head.
EYES: large, round and open, set wide apart, brilliant and expressive. The color will be pure, clean, according to each variety.
NECK: will be short and strong.
BODY: cobby, low on his legs, broad chest; massive shoulders and back, well muscled.

LEGS: short, thick and strong. Large, round and firm feet are preferred tufts between the toes.
TAIL: short and well sculpted with slightly rounded tip.